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  • Ms. Angela Cook
    Angela Cook is a wonderful friend to Lennell. They both worked together for the Denver Fire Department. Angela is soon to be Denver's first female Assistant Fire Chief. Thanks Angela!!!
  • Community Bank of the Rockies
    Community Bank of the Rockies fullfills the banking needs of the people in the San Luis Valley. Thank you!!!
  • Alamosa Chamber of Commerce
    Since 1923 the Alamosa Chamber of Commerce has banded together with businesses, pooling resources together for the common good. Along with the donation, store owners Felix and Claudia will have a year long membership to the Alamosa Chamber of Commerce.
  • Mr. Randy Walker
    Made a paypal donation from Hawaii. Thank you Mr. Walker.
  • Joyce Gallegos-Romero and Felix and Claudia Romero
    Joyce, Felix and Claudia Romero are the current owners of R & R Market. They have owned the store for 38 years. They have owned the store longer then any other descendants of Dario Gallegos. Thank you R & R Market! We hope you enjoy the celebration on June 30th. You deserve it!
  • Mr. and Mrs. Don Gallegos
    Don and Dorothy Gallegos are the parents of event coordinator Lennell Gallegos-Ramos. Don Gallegos is an uncle to Felix Romeo, brother to Joyce Gallegos-Romero and great-great grandson to Dario Gallegos. Thanks Mom and Dad!
  • Mrs. Rios Restaurant
    Mrs. Rios Restaurant has 3 locations to serve you delicious Mexican food. On main street in San luis and Alamosa and on Hwy 17, 22 miles west of Antonito. Thanks Rio Family!
  • Jeff and Lerae Palumbo
    Jeff and Lerae are friends of Lennell and Ozzie. Lerae is one of Lennell's best friends and she grew up listening to the stories about the family and history in San Luis. Thank you Jeff and Lerae!
  • Mr. Emery Gallegos
    Emery Gallegos is a great-great-grandson to Dario Gallegos and the brother of event coordinator Lennell Gallegos-Ramos. Thanks Emery!
  • Lennell Gallegos-Ramos and Ozzie Ramos
    Lennell is one of the event coordinators for the 150th Anniversary of R & R Market. Ozzie is the CEO of NVP and NAL, both companies are donors to the San Luis Preservation Fund. Lennell is a great-great-granddaughter of Dario Gallegos. (Pictured far left )
    The is a website that has live radio feeds from the New York City Fire Department. You are able to listen to New York City's bravest firefighters at work. The website also sells firefighting equipment, artwork, and firefighter apparel.
  • Next Venture Partners - Venture Capital in Florida
    Next Venture Partners, LLC offers Mezzanine financing to companies in Florida and Colorado.
  • National Auto Lenders
    National Auto Lenders supports the independent auto dealers of Florida with an innovative program for auto loans.


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This fund is being sponsored by the Costilla County Economic Development Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Every penny left over from the 150th anniversary event will be used to preserve the culture, history, and land in San Luis.

The fund was started by Lennell Gallegos-Ramos, great-great-granddaughter of Dario Gallegos, founder of R&R Market.